So, you’ve decided it’s the right time to put your house on the market. An exciting adventure but this takes planning and preperation. Traditionally, most vendors devote their attention to the inside when selling their home but a well-maintained garden is high on the list of priorities for perspective buyers in search of their new home.

Kerb appeal can make a great first impression, the care given to the outside of your home gives buyers an idea as to how the inside has been maintained.

Simple yet effective steps can be taken to help your outdoor space look it’s best and get you ready for selling!

Tidy garden, tidy mind

This is an easy one! Bikes, paddling pools, firewood and tools – find a nifty place to store them all. Spray those weeds, dust down the powerwasher and get cleaning, you’d be surprised how much of a difference this can make. Feature some hanging baskets and potted plants to add some colour and you’re ready to go!

Strim, trim, repeat

Fuel prices might be on the increase but it’s time to get the lawnmower and strimmer back to work. You don’t need to go overboard when it comes to presentation but a well maintained lawn shows viewers that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to have the outdoor space looking just right. Embracing the space you have around your home can demonstrate how buyers could utilise the garden for themselves, ultimately adding another great selling point to your home.

Welcome Home

When showing your property, the first glimpse of a potential new home is the front door. Buyers immediately imagine that one day the postman will deliver their post through that letter box, children will trick or trick on that door step and their Christmas wreath will hang from that door. In some cases this may require a subtle face lift but this is an extremely cost-effective way to attract attention. As soon as the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up, your home is being viewed even before anyone steps foot inside.

Colour is Everything

It goes without saying, fresh flowers make a great addition indoors when putting your house on the market but have you considered how effective fresh flowers outdoors can be? A splash of colour outside gives a great first impression when showing your home. Whether it be pots around your door step, newly trimmed hedges or your very own greenhouse, perspective buyers will appreciate the tiny details and invision their own ideas when it comes to the outdoor space.

Set the Scene

If you’re lucky enough to have adequate space outside, use it wisely. Create an attractive scene with some stylish outdoor furniture and barbeque to help the buyer imagine living in your garden. Adding clever finishes to your garden such as some comfortable seating and outdoor lights makes it easier for buyers to visualize a property as their future home.


Now it’s your turn, what do you look for when you’re viewing potential new properties? If the garden is an important part of your decision process then spend some time (and possibly money) on your own property before putting it on the market. It will not only add appeal to your home but could potentially increase the value.