This is probably the question we get asked the most when talking to new landlords and there is no right or wrong answer.  As a landlord you are under no legal obligation to furnish your property.  It is completely up to you whether your offer your property with nothing or every possible kind of furniture, appliance, tool, kitchenware and magic lanterns!!

Nevertheless the decision to let a property furnished or unfurnished can make a difference to your chances of finding a tenant and the kind of tenant you will attract.  

Here are a few points you may want to consider before deciding:-

  • Furnished properties tend to attract short term tenants who may only require a property for 6-12 months so therefore don’t want to purchase furniture.  
  • A furnished property can also appeal to younger tenants or overseas tenants, who are perhaps letting for the first time and can’t afford to entirely furnish a property.
  • If the property has been your own home and you are intending to return to it at a later date, you may wish to rent it furnished to save money on storage.
  • The furniture must conform to the legal fire resistant standard – all fabric furniture such as sofas and armchairs must have labels proving they meet this standard so it can be expensive to entirely furnish a property if you don’t already have conforming furniture.
  • Tenants who have their own furniture tend to stay longer as moving can be complex and expensive.
  • Tenants can often be happier with their own furniture, especially beds and mattresses.
  • You don’t have the responsibility of insuring furniture nor will you have concerns over wear and tear if the property is let unfurnished.

We find in today’s rental market the majority of tenants especially those who want to commit to a long term tenancy value the opportunity to personalise a rental home, bringing their own furniture with them.  However it can often come down to your own long term plans for the property.  

If you would like some personal advice on your property please feel free to contact us.