We’ve all done it at some point, ran out of oil, the boiler won’t fire up, the house is freezing and there’s no hot water. I certainly have, however I tend to be a bit more careful these days because not only do I understand the consequences of this on my boiler but as it’s my boiler I’m the one who will be paying for repairs or a replacement so it’s in my interest to be a bit more careful. However, tenants don’t always share the same philosophy.


The implications of continually running out of oil can be catastrophic for any boiler and the difficulty landlords have is even knowing if this is a regular occurence. Tenants often don’t want to bother the landlord especially when they realise it they’ve rang out of oil so they may try to bleed the system themselves (which can result in even more problems) or they may call an engineer directly to sort the problem.


It’s a bit like driving your car with no engine oil and before you know it, you’ll be replacing expensive parts , filters and pumps to say the least and your boiler will not have the life span it should have.


The solution....ask your boiler engineer to fit a tigerloop. The cost will depend on whether your boiler is located outside or inside. If outside then the cost should be approximately £100 including fitting if your boiler is inside then it could be a little bit more expensive but the end result will be that it will save time and money.


A tigerloop will last the lifetime of your boiler once fitted and there are many other advantages:-

Less dirts/sludge transported in the system
Better combustion, reduces oil consumption
Reduce the flow of fuel, preserve quality of oil
Eliminate the risk of leakage in the return line.
Provides the best possible operating conditions for pump
Solves the problem of nozzle dripping causing soot build up
Reduces carbon monoxide


If you are interested in fitting a tigerloop to your system please contact us and we can arrange this for you.