It goes without saying, one of the most exciting parts of your initial property journey is the moment your estate agent rings to say ‘the advert is now live’. Considering most buyers begin their new home search online, the first glimpse they will have of your property is in the photographs.

However, there is planning and preparation needed before you can actually sit back and let the marketing do it’s thing!

Follow our simple steps to make your home the most photogenic on the market:

Focus on the finest features

What do you really love about your home? Maybe you have a kitchen fit for Michelin stars, or perhaps a play room built for a prince and princess. Whatever it may be, be sure to capture it to the fullest when marketing your property. Viewers will  appreciate the attention to detail and begin to invision themselves in their new home.

Simple and clutter free

Too much clutter can distract potential buyers from the real purpose of your photographs – to list the home you take great pride in. Yes, it’s good to create a space thats functionable and lived in but viewers really do need to get a real feel for your home and decide if they can see themselves living there.

  • Pack away children’s toys, dog bowls/beds and laundry baskets.
  • Fresh flowers can add that pop of colour you need to brighten up your home.
  • Handbags, car keys and other very personal items should be kept out of sight.

Kerb Appeal

  • Store away your wheelie bins – that’s the last thing anyone wants to draw attention to.
  • Use your neighbour’s drive for the day, leaving your driveway clear in the photographs.
  • Cut the grass, weed the paths and prune the flowers, it doesn’t take long but it makes a real difference.
  • Clean your windows and dust off the window sills, it’s important to show you take pride in your home.

Keep er’ lit

  • If you’re lucky enough to have an open fire, put it to good use. Creating ambiant photos for your listing is a great way to give buyers that warm and cosy feeling.
  • Although scents during viewings are often hit and miss, it is a nice touch to have a candle lit in some of the room pictures i.e. hallway, lounge and bedrooms.
  • While your agent will usually photograph during the day, lamps and other less invasive lights can also help create an aesthetically pleasing scene.

Quality over quantity

Listing too many photos for your property can be overwhelming and repetitive however, too few photos can lead viewers to believe there may be something you’re trying to hide. We, as agents, are trained to advise you on just how many photographs are needed to list your home on the market. It’s definitely worth assessing this with your agent before you start to prepare for advertising.

If you would like to discuss this further & get some tailored advice for preparing your home for marketing please feel free to get in touch.