Whilst we may all be locked away in our homes at the moment, it is important to remember that this is only temporary and before long we’ll all be back to business as usual.

This is a good time to prepare your home for when lockdown is over.

You’ve heard it before but de-cluttering is so important it will allow buyers to see the space you have and imagine themselves living there. Uncluttered worktops in the kitchen makes a big difference.

Fresh paint can go a long way in giving your home a new lease of life, so don’t be afraid to pick up the paint brush. Don’t forget about the exterior as this will dramatically improve kerb appeal.

Clear out garden sheds and garages, no point moving items you no longer need.  Free up some space so that future viewers can walk around and help create a feeling of space.  

Tidy up your gardens and power hose patios and driveways, give any fencing a fresh coat of paint, you will be amazed at the results and you can enjoy the space in the meantime. It will put your property in the best possible position to sell once lockdown eases. 

If you can take any pictures of your garden when the sun shines and the gardens look great please send them to us in the meantime.  We may be able to use them as a teaser, ie a sneak peak of whats coming onto the market soon.

We look forward to be working with you soon, but in the meantime if you have any further queries or would like any advice, please continue to stay in contact with us via email - kate@mortgageproperty.net