After what feels like the longest Winter, we are all eagerly awaiting brighter days and warmer weather.

Given recent stormy and distructive weather, this year may involve a few extra repairs & maintenance to bring your home back to life this Spring.

Thankfully,  we have put together some simple yet effective Spring maintenance checklists to give you the motivation to get started!

Spring Cleaning

  • Deep clean your oven, fridge and other white goods throughout your home
  • Remove curtains and dust blinds and give them a spruce
  • Organise clothing/footwear and consider donating unused items to charity
  • Rent a carpet shampoo machine for carpets and upholstry
  • Deep clean mattresses and wash duvets/pillows etc
  • Deep clean bathrooms and reorganise toileteries
  • De-clutter each room and be ruthless!


  • Repair any damages from weather if you haven’t already done so
  • Plan your grass growing/feeding schedule
  • Clean out gutters and remove debris to avoid leaks
  • Pressure wash exterior paths and decking areas in preparation for the coming months
  • Get flowerbeds ready for regrowing or replanting
  • Check drains and manholes are free from debris and power wash if required
  • Paint exterior of the house itself, as well as fences and other boundaries
  • Remove dead trees and bushes


  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Inspect handles/hinges on doors and windows throughout – making repairs as needed
  • Prepare patio furniture and BBQ and ensure they are in good order
  • De-clutter and re-organise garage, shed and out-buildings
  • Take all unwanted items to the recycling centre or charity shop
  • Schedule annual checks including boiler service and chimney sweep to avoid delays during peak months

These lists are not exhaustive but they will give you a head start on your Spring preparations. Tackling a few jobs each week will ensure you are ready for the best months of year.