The sun is shining, the market is buzzing and we are loving it!

With Summer officially in full swing, you may have noticed just how much brighter and better your home looks and feels this time of year.

If you are thinking of selling, let us help you maximise your market potential with some helpful, handy tips.

Finish What You’ve Started

Don’t forget, potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home, they don’t want to invision a list of improvements and repairs they might need to do.

Maybe you’ve walked past the same cracked floor tile or ignored the play doh stains on the carpet. Perhaps it’s a leaking loo you’ve been avoiding or some tedious paintwork. Whatever it may be, set aside some time and get to work! It will make the biggest difference!

Let The Sun Shine

Natural light is your best friend this time of year – a welcomed benefit to lighter days. Open up the blinds, pull back the heavy curtains and let nature do it’s thing. Be sure to make sure your windows are sparkling clean to really show off your home.

Finishing Touches

It goes without saying, colour adds immeasurable character to any home. However, this doesn’t need to be in the form of redecoration or furniture. Small touches such as fresh flowers, fresh fruit and fancy guest towels are just as effective – minimal effort with a huge impact.

Garden Lovin’

If you are lucky enough to have garden space at your home, Summer is your time to shine. Potential buyers are drawn to a well maintained garden and simple steps can be taken to ensure you utilise this space to your advantage. It is important to work within a budget though and try to keep costs low. Small improvements such as power washing, weeding, dressed flower beds and tidy sheds will make a great first impression.

Set The Scene

It is important to give your viewers a real sense of comfort when showing your home. Compliment your interiors with seasonal accessories and clear away anything too personal so buyers can visualise themselves living there. Follow these simple steps to stage your home:

  • Clear clutter & tidy away unused items
  • Steer clear of scents, fresh air is a must this time of year
  • Switch the TV/radio off – you don’t want any distractions
  • Make use of outdoor features – if you have water features or a hot tub, switch these on
  • Pets outside – this is a must! Preferably a walk to allow buyers to appreciate both inside & outside
  • Parking – allow your viewers to pull into the driveway/parking space – a great way to visualise their potential new home
  • No need to rush – let your viewers take their time or even return for a second time. This is a big decision to make

If you’re thinking of selling your home, get in touch today!