When submitting an application form for a rental property please ensure the document is fully completed with the required information, this will help speed up the process. Incomplete forms will delay your application, it will also save us having to hassle you to chase up missing information. A list of the required documents are stated on page 5 of the application form these include photographic id, bank statements, payslips etc.

On the additional information section include any relevant information that may support your application.

Once an application has been checked and verified we will carry out a full credit report if this has not already been provided, if the applicant has rented property in the past we will contact the previous landlord/letting agency for a reference. We will contact the landlord and update them on all applicants who have submitted applications for their rental property and answer any questions they mave have.  The landlord can then make the decision as to what tenant they would like to agree the property to.