One of the most damaging costs incurred by landlords can be vacant periods in between tenancies; those periods can give any landlord a reason to cry to sleep because unfortunately, the ongoing costs of a BTL continue even when property is vacant.  But unlike some of the other expenses, like mortgage payments, rates and insurance, ‘void periods’ can be kept to a minimum by using the best practices to secure a new suitable tenant efficiently.

Firstly presentation is paramount.  In this extremely competitive rental market, the presentation of your property is a very effective key to securing a tenant.  Always make sure your property is clean throughout,  the paintwork is freshened up where needed, carpets are clean and free froms stains and outdoor areas neat and tidy and free from weeds, rubbish etc. 

Secondly enlisting the help of a letting agent is always a good idea.  We offer a range of services that can be tailored to your specific requirements, so even if you won’t be relying on us for everything we can help out where applicable, for example finding and vetting your tenants.

As an established letting agent we can get your property on the market and in front of potential tenants more quickly and effectively than landlords flying solo. We also know how to take the most flattering photos of a property and compile the most engaging advertisements, thus attracting more potential renters.

Tenants are also vetted using by carrying out credit checks, previous landlord checks etc, therefore filtering out any bad tenants and finally your paperwork will be watertight, protecting you should things go awry.

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